Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. The games do not work what I can do?

This may be due to several reasons. Carefully read the following points.


2. Are all the games free?

Yes, all our games are free, both directly and download trial versions that can be used for a limited period. When this period ends, there is a link that refers to the designers website where you can buy the game if you want to keep playing.

3. How can I add a game to "My Favorites"?

To add a game to "My Favorites" just click the button below each game and says "Add to my favorites."

4. I would like out my homepage. What should I do?

To set as your home page click here

5. Is it possible to translate the games to my language?

No. In order to offer a wider selection and complete our games developers from different countries. For this reason some of our games are presented in several languages while others just in one. You must determine in each case the language available for each game.

6. Could we exchange links and banners between our pages?

Sorry, we do not exchange links or banners. All page ads are commercial. If you are interested in placing an ad on the page, please contact us through

7. Can I lower the volume of the game?

Some games have the option of lowering the volume or turn it off, but most of them. If it really bothers you, turn down the volume on your computer or turn it off completely.

8. Is it necessary to subscribe to your site?

There is no need to subscribe to our game portal but if you want the latest news you can subscribe directly to our FEED or do so through any of the following social networks: Facebook or Twitter.

9. Can I play games on my mobile phone?

Games of our websites are designed for download on computers and are not compatible with other technologies. However, some games (usually those that are controlled with the mouse when they are accessed from a computer can be used from the Wii or a phone with an Internet connection.